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Programs and Services

Find the right program to help you meet your goals!

At MPower Coaching, I offer a wide variety of services for different levels of engagement and commitment.


 Send me a message using the form below to let me know what you are interested in and to inquire about our pricing plans.

Photo of Wendy Mason smiling & coaching a lady outside.

VIP Transformation Coaching

Three (3) month package

My VIP coaching program is designed for those who are serious about making lasting changes in their health and well-being. 


This 90 day transformation package includes:

Onboarding session where we will discover your "Why", learn what motivates you, see where you are stuck, and map out your wellness journey.

  • Weekly Zoom meetings with your coach.

  • Customized fitness programs designed specifically for your ability, available equipment, and time

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

  • Ongoing accountability helps keep you on track and motivated to crush your goals.


$ Ask


Personal Training

Online Program Coaching

Personal Training sessions are available as a stand-alone option.


  • Online sessions 

  • Customized fitness program

  • One-time workout design



Wendy Mason coaching a lady.

Gold Coaching Program

Minimum commitment three (3) months

My Gold coaching program caters to those who are ready to make changes, and need some hand-holding & encouragement along the way.


This is an ongoing program, with a minimum commitment of 3 months.  It includes:

  • Onboarding session where we will discover your "Why", learn what motivates you, and map out your wellness journey.

  • Weekly 15 minute check-in calls with your coach.

  • Exercise program delivered to you.

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching.

  • E-mail support and on-going accountability.


$ 249/month

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Coaching Sessions

Health & Life Coaching

If you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, or are looking for a program design to follow on your own, one of my coaching sessions will help you gain clarity and direction to get you on your way.

Online Health/Life Coaching

Health/Life/Career/Finance/ Relationship focused sessions available 90 minutes.



It's all about you..png


Full-Day Immersive Experience

VIP Days are all about YOU!


  • Your experience begins with a call where we will curate your day as we discover where you are being held back, and why.

  • We will work on areas where you identify as being in need of some love and attention.

  • Whatever the challenge, we will work together to improve your current state.

  • Health, Finances, Confidence, Love, Career, or any other aspect of your life that is feeling challenged, you will come away with a fresh perspective and a game plan to keep the momentum going..

  • Your day will offer you clarity, focus and a map to guide you off along your journey of self-love and give you the confidence to live your life on purpose.

  • Lunch and healthy snacks, and a special gift are all included.


$ Ask

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