Programs and Services

Find the right program to fit your fitness needs!

At MPower Coaching, we offer a wide variety of services for different levels of engagement and commitment. Just as we work with all kinds of bodies, we work within many different budgets as well. Send us a message through the box below to let us know which programs you are interested in and to inquire about our pricing plans.

For those in the Ottawa, ON area, we offer in-person coaching and personal training sessions in addition to online coaching and remote personal training options.

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VIP Transformation Coaching

Three (3) month package

My VIP coaching program is designed for those who are serious about making lasting changes in their health and wellbeing. 


This 3 month transformation package includes:

Onboarding session where we will discover your "Why", learn what motivates you, go through a mobility assessment, and map out your wellness journey.

  • Weekly in-person or zoom meetings with your coach.

  • Customized fitness programs designed specifically for your ability, available equipment, and time Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching

  • Ongoing accountability to help keep you on track and motivated to crush your goals

  • Text and e-mail support


$ Ask


Personal Training

Online Program Coaching

Personal Training sessions available as a stand-alone option.


  • In-person or online sessions 

  • Customized fitness program

  • One-time workout design



Wendy Mason coaching a lady.

Gold Coaching Program

Minimum commitment three (3) months

My Gold coaching program caters to those who are ready to make changes, and need some hand-holding & encouragement along the way.


This is an ongoing program, with a minimum commitment of 3 months.  It includes:

  • Onboarding session where we will discover your "Why", learn what motivates you, and map out your wellness journey.

  • Weekly 15 minute check-in calls with your coach.

  • Exercise program delivered to you.

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching.

  • E-mail support and on-going accountability.


$ 249/month

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Coaching Sessions

Health & Life Coaching

If you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, or are looking for a program design to follow on your own, one of my coaching sessions will help you gain clarity and direction to get you on your way.

In-Person or Online Health/Life Coaching

Health/Life/Career/Finance/ Relationship focused sessions available 90 minutes.



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Full-Day Immersive Experience

VIP Days are all about YOU!


  • Your experience begins with a call where we will curate your day as we discover where you are being held back, and why.

  • We will work on areas where you identify as being in need of some love and attention.

  • Whatever the challenge, we will work together to improve your current state.

  • Health, Finances, Confidence, Love, Career, or any other aspect of your life that is feeling challenged, you will come away with a fresh perspective and a game plan to keep the momentum going..

  • Your day will offer you clarity, focus and a map to guide you off along your journey of self-love and give you the confidence to live your life on purpose.

  • Lunch and healthy snacks, and a special gift are all included.


$ Ask